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About us


AWLMX Solutions (WorldLink Mexico) is a global technology firm that helps enterprises envision and execute their end-to-end digital transformation at speed and scale. At WorldLink MX, we consider success a shared journey that relies on a global community of diverse individuals determined to make the world and each other better every day.

WorldLink HeadQuarters

Company Background

As part of the ADI WorldLink group, an international leader in digital transformation, we serve as a trusted technology partner to several of the largest Fortune 500 companies. WorldLink is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and has over 25 years of experience supporting today’s top data-driven leaders and organizations in reaching their true potential

The ADI Group is a collection of companies that, collectively, drives and implements enhanced technological capabilities for enterprises along their digital transformation journey. 



Rajesh Panta

Rajesh Panta


Talent Team

Carlos Narvaez

Talent Acquisition

Cristian Miranda

Talent Acquisition

Javier Yarza

Talent Acquisition

Technology Team

Daniel Del Angel Garcia

Lead Data Engineer

Shilpa Sinha Kumar

Lead Data Engineer